Orthodontic treatment is used to correct issues such as misaligned teeth, overcrowding, bite issues and more. Many patients in need of orthodontics do not want traditional braces with metal and wires. Luckily, in many cases, Invisalign clear aligners can provide excellent results, with much less inconvenience.

Invisalign aligners have been proven to be effective in correcting dental problems such as crooked teeth, spacing issues and overbites. Their innovative design works to provide quick results that greatly improve the look and function of a person’s teeth.

Invisalign treatment works by having the patient wear a tightly-fitted aligner for at least 20-22 hours per day. This aligner can be taken out at any time so that the patient can eat, drink, brush and floss normally. Approximately every two weeks, the aligner is replaced with a new one, slowly adjusting the positioning of the patient’s teeth over time. In most cases, Invisalign treatment lasts somewhere between one and two years. After completing treatment, many patients continue to wear retainers to prevent their teeth from shifting into their prior positions.

There are several advantages that Invisalign clear aligners offer over traditional metal braces. They are transparent, making them nearly invisible to others. They can be removed at any time, allowing patients to eat and drink whatever they would like during treatment. Patients who play contact sports often choose Invisalign since the aligners do not present the same injury risks as metal braces.

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