Complete Checkups

One of the most important steps for maintaining healthy teeth and oral structures is to visit us twice every year for a complete dental checkup. These routine visits allow our experts to keep track of your oral health and to administer timely treatment in the event that any issues are discovered. Our dental checkups include a professional teeth cleaning, digital X-rays when necessary, and an oral cancer screening.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Sometimes referred to as prophylaxis, a professional cleaning is an effective way to rid the mouth of harmful bacteria and plaque. We use special dental tools to clean the patient’s entire mouth, including the surfaces of their teeth and below their gum line. Next, surface stains are eliminated by cleansing and polishing the teeth. This thorough cleaning process leaves the patient with reduced bad breath and a long-lasting sense of oral freshness. We also use this opportunity to check the patient’s mouth for any signs or symptoms of tooth decay or gum disease.

Digital X-Rays

One of the best ways to examine the hidden areas of a patient’s mouth is by taking digital X-rays. These special images allow us to quickly and safely detect issues that would otherwise be invisible. By doing this, we can obtain a better understanding of any symptoms affecting the patient and respond with the most effective method of treatment.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is a serious disease that can affect anyone at any time. Our experts work hard to catch the disorder in its earliest stages. That is why we provide oral cancer screenings during every checkup. We carefully examine the patient’s lips, tongue, face, gums, throat and oral tissues for any signs of the disease. If we discover anything unusual, a biopsy will be conducted as soon as possible.

A complete dental checkup is the first step to getting on the right track for great oral health. Please call us at 305-548-8712 to schedule an appointment.

Our Happy Patients

"Dr. Ripa is the best. He's really very good at his work and sure of what he does. I was always scared at dentists office, but after a root canal with him I can say this is the best dental visit I've had. So fast and always attentive to make sure I felt no pain. Many thanks to Dr. Anatoly Ripa and his friendly staff."

Carla M Carla M.

"Anatoly Ripa and his team are creating an amazing work. Exotic fragrances, relaxing music, private TV in each room::)) Dr is showing you most relaxing videos and programs during your stay you are even forgetting that you are in the dentist chair ::)) I can recommend Dr Anatoly Ripa to everybody. Excellent. Place and excellent person ; Dr Anatoly Ripa ::)))) Thank you so much."

Isik S Isik S.

"Dr. Ripa's slogan should be "Come as a client, leave as family". 5-Star / Superb rated (on all counts)!"

Michael A Michael A.
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