Halitosis Treatment


Your life can be terribly affected when you suffer from chronic halitosis. No matter your perfect oral hygiene, you remain frustrated. No dentist nor gastroenterologist seems to have the solution. As it generates severe rejection from all the people that your surrounded by; you owe it to yourself. Treat your chronic halitosis once and for all and regain the self-confidence you lost.

Failed Remedies

Many people suffering from halitosis attempt to solve the problem on their own by using, gum, mints or mouth rinses. Unfortunately, these remedies do nothing more than cover up the problem, doing absolutely nothing to address the root cause. Our experts work to not only eliminate halitosis but also to prevent the issue from reoccurring by addressing whatever caused the problem in the first place.

Treating Halitosis

Our professional teeth cleaning treatments are designed to remove odor-causing bacteria from a person’s mouth, leaving the patient with a sense of oral freshness for many months to come. Tongue scraping can also be helpful, especially when the tongue is the direct source of the bacteria.


Our team of interdisciplinary doctors are dedicated to the treatment of chronic halitosis.

There are 72 known causes that may originate eighther intra-orally or extra-orally .

As a first step we diagnose the cause running a battery of tests; such as:
  • Microscope in-vitro tests , to determine the extra amount of anaerobic bacteria that we after kill with pure  liquid OZONE , this treatment is the most common one and it is known as OZONE-THERAPY, with this procedure we re-balance the oral bacterial flora and measure again until we obtain the perfect amount of bacteria. These bacteria are very helpful to us since they digest proteins converting them into amino acids, this is why we can't kill all of them.

  • We also search for mycosis (fungus) , if there is overpopulation  we use antimycotics or anti fungal medication in situ as well as prescribed .

  • With the microscope we also search for parasites to the follow a anti-parasite program if found, as well as viral infections such as herpes simplex.
  • Halimeter test & scoring = To measure the smelly gases released by anaerobic bacteria named volatile sulfur compounds. These bacteria usually live over the top surface of the tongue and below a white coating of tartar.
  • Salivary cultures =   We determine quantity and quality ( ph) of saliva and use  salivary stimulators if needed, to increment the amount of saliva , since a chronic dry mouth can cause severe halitosis.
  • We monitor the arterial oxygen saturation = to determine the levels of oxygen in the body predicting another cause of overpopulation of anaerobic bacteria in the oral cavity.
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