Fluoride Applications

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in certain foods and in water. When applied directly to a person’s teeth, fluoride works to strengthen tooth enamel, thereby helping to prevent cavities and decay. Patients who are at a high risk of developing tooth decay can receive great benefits from our supplemental fluoride applications.

Fluoride enhances teeth in two ways:

  • It attaches itself to tooth enamel to improve the strength and durability of teeth
  • It remineralizes tooth enamel and reverses the effects of tooth decay

Supplemental fluoride applications can be completed in just one visit, often alongside a complete dental checkup. The process only takes a few minutes. After the fluoride has been applied, patients should avoid food and drink for at least one hour so that their teeth can fully absorb all of the fluoride.

People receive supplemental fluoride treatments for many reasons, including:

  • Protecting sensitive or exposed root surfaces
  • Teeth that are prone to cavities or decay
  • Poor oral hygiene practices
  • Limited access to fluoride
  • Excessive intake of sugar
  • Prior history of tooth decay
  • Limited flow of saliva

Although there are many benefits to receiving supplemental fluoride applications, it is not a replacement for good oral hygiene habits. Even after receiving fluoride treatment, you should continue to brush and floss your teeth and receive dental checkups twice every year.

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