Composite bonding

Composite bonding treatment is one of the quickest ways to instantly improve the look of a person’s smile. This procedure makes use of tooth-colored resin to correct noticeable flaws and restore the function of damaged teeth. It offers an appearance and feeling that is remarkably similar to natural teeth. This makes it a great option for many patients who want to immediately enhance their teeth.

There are many applications for composite bonding, including:

  • Filling harmful cavities
  • Restoring damaged and decayed teeth
  • Making adjustments in color or texture
  • Reducing noticeable gaps
  • Adjusting the spaces between teeth
  • Eliminating uneven tooth heights
  • Fixing teeth that are misshapen
  • Protecting the root surfaces of teeth

Because it is a relatively simple procedure, composite bonding treatment can typically be completed in just one visit. The process begins by having the teeth thoroughly cleaned and determining the exact shade of resin that will be applied. If any decay or deterioration is present, it will be removed before the composite material is added.

At this point, the composite bonding resin is applied to the teeth in multiple layers. Each layer is individually hardened using a dental curing light. After the desired thickness has been achieved, the resin will be allowed to fully harden until it reaches the appropriate consistency. The last step is to buff and polish the teeth so that they obtain an even finish and a natural appearance. After the procedure, the patient will be provided with helpful tips on how to care for their bonding and ensure that it remains intact for as long as possible. If cared for properly, the bonding should last between five and ten years.

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