Tooth-Colored Fillings

A tooth that has developed minor deterioration or decay, often due to a cavity, can usually be repaired with a dental filling. A cavity forms when a hole develops in a tooth’s outer surface. This void can be used by bacteria and food particles to access the inner areas of the tooth. When this happens, it is possible that further damage and deterioration will occur. By cleaning out the decayed portions of the tooth and sealing it off with a filling, such damage can generally be prevented.

Our practice provides patients with tooth-colored composite fillings that restore a tooth’s strength and stability, while also looking incredibly natural. Our tooth-colored fillings are remarkably durable, and they can fully withstand the work that comes with chewing food. They are also safe, and they are not prone to leaking as traditional metal fillings can be.

When applying a tooth-colored filling, we start by taking out any decay and existing filling material that is present in the tooth. Once the tooth is clean, we carefully apply a composite filling material that matches the natural color of the tooth. This seals off any voids that exist on the surface of the tooth. Using a dental curing light, the sealing material is hardened to give it the strength and consistency of a natural tooth. Finally, the tooth is polished and shaped so that it achieves a natural appearance. After a filling has been applied, the patient will be able to resume their typical brushing, flossing and eating habits.

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